When Does The Spring Real Estate Market Actually Begin?


The answer to the above question depends largely on who you're asking. 

Speaking as a Realtor I'd say that the spring market actually starts as early as January. 

Granted, the number of listings and sales this early in the year aren't going to match the level of activity we see in March, April, May,... 

None-the-less there's activity in January and it's certainly the start of a market that will grow over the coming months. 

Many feel that the spring market doesn't really begin until the month of March. 

There's some truth to this in the sense that March is generally when we start to see signs of warmer weather and buyers are more apt to tour the neighbourhood for open houses.  

March is a little tricky though, as a number of buyers, sellers and realtors aren't fully participating due to commitments associated with "March Break".  At least those with families anyway.

I would say that the week after Easter Weekend is when the spring real estate market fully blooms and enters its busiest phase.

A number of sellers wait specifically until after Easter to put their property on the market. 

And a number of buyers wait until then to kick their search into high gear. 

Regardless of when the spring market actually starts, we're at mid-April now and things are quite active.  And they'll remain so for the coming months. 

Then what? 

The summer market of course! 

When does that start? 


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