Viewing Properties At Night? Be Sure To Take A Second Look During The Day


When most people picture themselves shopping for a home they imagine doing so on the weekend, during the day.

After all, this is when the majority of open houses happen and it’s generally the easiest time for people to coordinate a couple of free hours.

In a busy city like Toronto however, realtors and buyers are out there pounding the pavement at all hours.

A lot of my buyer clients find it easiest to meet for viewings during the week, after work.

I’ve shown properties as late as 10:30pm on a weeknight.

Seeing properties during the evening isn’t much of an issue in the spring or summer when daylight stretches past 8:00pm.

In the winter though, when night falls as early as 5:00pm, evening viewings can pose some problems.

Natural light is a deal breaker for most buyers. A property that gets plenty of it is always going to outshine (pardon the pun) a property that doesn’t.

Knowing how much natural light a property gets (or doesn’t get) is such an important factor in assessing value that it’s foolish not to view the property during the day.

Before moving forward with an offer on a property that we’ve seen at night, I always advise my clients that we come back for a second look during the day.

Just because a home has windows doesn’t mean the sun’s going to pour in. I’ve seen plenty of houses, condos, and lofts that are dark and dreary on the inside, despite what the exterior might suggest.

And what about the view? Staring out the window of a 3rd floor condo into the dark doesn't give you peace-of-mind for what lays beyond.

What if the garbage bins are sitting directly under the balcony?

Worse still, what if there's a hole in the ground where a new condo will soon stand? (Of course, if your realtor is worth their salt they'll know about that new condo...).

I know that you're busy and evenings may be the only time you can squeeze in some viewings. Do yourself a favour though - take an extra long lunch the next day and go back for a second look.

It's only the largest purchase of your life.

If you’re thinking of making a move and would like to know how we can help, contact us for more info.