You Get What You Pay For

You Get What You Pay For Photo There are companies out there that specialize in sign installations for real estate agents.

For a fee they will pick up, deliver & plant your "For Sale" sign in the ground.

I generally like to take a more hands-on approach; I put my signs in the ground myself!

I guess I see it as an excuse to get away from the computer and breath some fresh air.

Ponying Up

Before heading out to install a sign on a recent listing, I realized that I'd misplaced my hammer and needed a new one.

I popped into the hardware store at Ossington & Dundas, took a look at what they had and saw that it came down to two options: the cheaper (smaller) one or the more expensive (larger) one.

I decided to pony up and get the more expensive hammer.

Once I got out to the house I was glad I'd spent the extra money.

It was cold, it was windy, it was raining... and even with the more expensive hammer it took about twenty whacks to get the frame into the ground.

If I'd bought the cheaper hammer I'd probably still be swinging.

I didn't cheap out though.

And I got better results.

Cheaping Out

It was only after I tried to hang the sign that I realized I was out of zip ties and my only option was the dollar store around the corner.

Of course, the only zip ties they had were cheap ones.

It took me almost twenty minutes to hang the sign because 4 out of every 5 zip ties either broke or came loose.

They were cheap pieces of crap and I ended up wasting more time & money than if I'd bought better zip ties to start with.

Discount vs Full Service

It occurred to me that the above story serves as a great analogy when talking about discount realtors versus full service realtors.

There are realtors out there who advertise that they'll list your home at a discounted rate.

We get their postcards in our mail all the time.

And then there are full-service realtors (like myself and the majority of my colleagues).

While I think it's great that sellers have a choice, I also think they need to understand that these options often yield different results.

Real estate is no different than everyday life; you usually get what you pay for.


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