WTF? $20,000 For A Locker!

WTF? $20,000 For A Locker! Photo Depending on the building's location, a condo locker typically sells for $3,500 - $5,000 on the resale market.

A locker might fetch more if it's unique in some way.

Maybe it's larger than average.

Or maybe it's actually a separate room, thereby offering the owner more space and added privacy.

Most lockers aren't separate rooms though.

Most are nothing more than see-through "cages" (approx 3ft wide x 6ft high x 6ft deep) and sit in an open room, side-by-side with everyone else's locker.

Well, one of these "cages" is for sale on MLS right now... listed at $15,000.

WTF? $20,000 For A Locker! Photo


(I did a spit take when I first saw the listing and covered my laptop in Tahiti Treat. You guys remember Tahiti Treat?).

That's not all though...

$15,000 is actually the reduced price.

They had it on initially at $20,000!

I wonder how much these guys would be looking to sell their parking space for...


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