Are Authentic Lofts Really That Hard To Come By?

Are Authentic Lofts Really That Hard To Come By? Photo Last weekend I held a couple of open houses at my new listing in the Massey Harris Lofts building on King Street West.

The turnout was great.

As with most open houses, there were visitors who saw the listing on MLS, there were visitors who popped-in off the street, and there were visitors who already live in the building and were curious to see their neighbour's unit.

Regardless of what pulled them in though, they were really all there for the same thing... the chance to see an authentic loft.

Unlike a city like New York, Toronto doesn't have many authentic loft buildings, relative to all of the new construction that's happening.

That's not to say that Toronto doesn't have any loft buildings. We certainly do. To name a few; Argyle Lofts, Wrigley Lofts, Merchandise Lofts, Gotham Lofts, Robert Watson Lofts, Candy Factory Lofts...

Compared to all the newly built condo units on the market though (or those currently under construction), the ratio is small.

As a result, properties like the one in the Massey Harris building really standout.

This was evident in the conversations I had at my open houses last weekend.

I heard things like, "I've been waiting and waiting for something to pop-up in this building because the spaces here are so unique." And, "We've been looking for months but the majority of listings on MLS are just regular condos. Hardly any are real lofts."

My experience in working with buyers looking for lofts is much the same as above. The search does take longer and there are fewer properties to choose from.

My advice? If you're looking for an authentic loft and a good one does come on the market... snatch it up!

There's no telling when the next one is going to come along...


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