Why Wait Until After Labour Day To List Your Home For Sale?

Why Wait Until After Labour Day To List Your Home For Sale? Photo Around this time last year I wrote a blog post about why it might be better to wait until after Labour Day to list your home for sale (read it here).

There's always the other side of the coin though, and in that article I noted that there are potential benefits to listing before Labour Day as well. For example, a seller could do well if everyone else was waiting until September and their property was the only one on the market.

A great example of this happened in my office just a few days ago.

A colleague of mine listed a one-bedroom condo for sale on King West. They priced the property at what appeared to be market value and decided to hold-back offers for a few days. Come offer night, there were a total of three buyers at the table!

Three competing offers on your property is better than ideal.  In fact it's more than most sellers can hope for, especially at a time of year when many buyers are deciding to put their search on hold.

There are always a handful of factors that go into any successful sale; pricing, staging, marketing, negotiations, etc. These factors aside, I think that part of the reason the sellers of this condo did so well is that they listed at a time when most other sellers are standing on the sidelines waiting for summer to end.

There's always a bit of risk in deciding to put your property on the market in mid-late August. As the above illustrates though, it's a risk that can sometimes be well rewarded.

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