Say No To Status Quo And Repeal The Toronto Land Transfer Tax

A few months ago I wrote a BLOG post titled, "How Much Can You Expect To Pay In Land Transfer Taxes?" (read it here).  I provided a breakdown of how the various provinces calculate these taxes.  I even linked to a handy little calculator that shows just how much a resident of Toronto has to pay.  Let's just say... it's not chump change.

Today, the Toronto Real Estate Board posted the above video on their YouTube channel. The message is simple: "Mayor Rob Ford made a promise to repeal the Toronto Land Transfer Tax.  Let's help him keep it."

From the Toronto Real Estate Board's website:

Say No To Status Quo!

Mayor Ford and City Council were elected with a clear mandate to change the way City Hall operates, including repealing the Toronto Land Transfer Tax. Unfortunately, some City Councillors are getting cold feet and would prefer to maintain the status quo. You can help make sure that City Council moves forward with changing City Hall.  Use the links below to:

  • Send an email to the Mayor and City Council (click here)
  • Email your contacts to take action as well (click here)
  • Send a letter to the editor of selected media (click here)

For access to a Land Transfer Tax Calculator and other financial tools, visit my website here.

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