Toronto Is About To Get Re-Districted!

Toronto Is About To Get Re-Districted Photo      Take a look at the above photo.  This is how the Toronto Real Estate Board divides up the city.  Furthermore, each of these four areas (Central, North, East, and West) are divided up into districts.  For example, the Central area is divided up in Disticts C01, C02, C03... C15 (check out the photo below). 

As it is now, if I have a client looking for a condo in the St Lawrence Market area, the narrowest geographical search that I can provide them with is for District C08.  This means that they'll be sent listings for properties that are located as far north as Bloor St!  Not good.  And what if I have a client looking to purchase a home in Little Italy?  Little Italy sits in Disctrict C01, but so do properties that are located as far east as Yonge St and as far south as the Waterfront!

There has to be a better way!  Finally, after years of waiting, there is...

Following is an excerpt from a release that realtors were given a few weeks ago, describing the coming changes to the current system:  "On July 5, we'll see the fulfillment of a major objective: the replacement of our old MLS® districts with easier to understand community names.

Not only do the current district names not make sense to your clients, you can’t use them to accurately target what your clients want. It is almost impossible to target a search in our MLS® system to a specific neighbourhood...

Re-Districting will solve these problems, replacing the code numbers with true geographic areas, giving your searches greater clarity and a tighter focus.

On July 5, community, or neighbourhood names, are replacing the districts. Their names and their boundaries were provided by government bodies with REALTOR® input. In this way, the names will make sense to the people who live in the area and REALTORS® who work in the field."

Here's TREB's current map for the Central Disticts:

Toronto Is About To Get Re-Districted Photo

And here's a snapshot of what the new and improved map will look like (Districts C01 & C08):

Toronto Is About To Get Re-Districted Photo

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