After Attending Doors Open Toronto 2010, I'm Hooked!

     I have to confess, this was actually the first year that I participated in Doors Open Toronto.  I’d planned on doing so in years past, but for whatever reason it just didn’t happen.  This year however, I held firm to my resolution and I have to say, I’m much better for it!

As a realtor I spend quite a bit of time driving around the city, passing by many of Toronto’s landmark buildings without ever stepping foot inside them.  So for me, Doors Open Toronto 2010 was an opportunity to slow down and really absorb some of the architectural beauty and historical significance of my surroundings.

Part of the attraction of an event like this is the relatively short period of time for which it exists (until its return next year, anyway). There`s something powerful about the fact that for only a few precious hours we’re granted access to spaces that are otherwise off limits to the general public. 

I was made even more aware of this on my elevator ride up to the 17th floor of the Canada Life Building.  The operator informed us that, "You're very privileged to be going up to the Tower Room.  Even the regular staff in the building don`t have access to this space other than during Doors Open Toronto."

The excitement was palpable outside as well.  I was actually sidetracked from my planned route because I just couldn`t pass up the enthusiastic recommendations of a few fellow participants.  "You have to see Osgoode Hall - the Library is beautiful!"  "The King Eddy tour is not to be missed!"

Needless to say, my original intention of sticking primarily to some of the taller buildings in the downtown core (inspired by a recent trip to Manhattan) was changed to include a more well-rounded assortment of structures. 

All in all, the weekend was a success for me.  I finally got around to doing something that I've wanted to for awhile.  And my relationship with the city was expanded and deepened.  After I finish writing this post I plan on going over the buildings I missed this weekend, adding them, in anticipation, to next year`s list.

What about you? 

Did you attend Doors Open Toronto 2010? 

Any highlights?