Is January Too Early To Starting Looking For A Home?

Is January Too Early To Starting Looking For A Home? Photo I'll let you in on a secret... the spring real estate market actually starts in January.

Well, not officially. And certainly not in full swing (that doesn't happen until March/April).

The early beginnings of the spring market do start in January though.

I was out with a new client yesterday and he asked a question that I often get this time of year, "Is it too early to start looking for a place?  It's only January... Am I better to wait until the spring?"

My answer was simple: "Not if the right property comes along".

Sure, you could wait another month or two.  There'll likely be more listings to choose from in late-February/March. The flip-side is that there'll likely be more buyers in the market then as well. More supply, but also more competition.

Getting out there and actively looking in January means getting a jump on the rest of the market.

What if things start to heat up in March and prices start to increase? Buying in January could mean paying less than what the same property is going to cost you in the spring.

And then there are the properties that've been sitting on the market all through December with no action. You may be able to benefit from a seller whose time is running out and needs to sell.

Of course, the right property might not come along until the spring. Even then, you can still chalk your January efforts up to "getting familiar with market". None of it is time wasted if it leads to you making a confident, informed purchase.

What are you waiting for? The early worm catches the bird!


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