The Appeal Of A Condo Townhouse

The Appeal Of A Condo Townhouse Photo      A new listing of mine hit the market earlier this week – a two bedroom condo townhouse in the King/Queen West area.  I figured this would be a good time to take a closer look at what differentiates a townhouse from a regular condo high rise and what’s so appealing about this type of property.

Your Own Front Door

Coming home to a high rise can sometimes be a daunting task (have you seen the elevator lobby of a 40 storey building at 5:30pm?).  Residents essentially share their front door with everyone else in the building.  Coming home to a townhouse is something quite different.  There are no elevator line ups, no bustling front lobbies,...  Instead, you walk a few steps up from the street, open your front door, and you’re home.  Condo townhouses are much closer to freehold houses in this respect.

Multi-Level Layout

Many people like the idea of having an upstairs and a downstairs, which is tough to find when you’re looking at condo properties.  There are 2-storey lofts that give you more than one level of living space (I’m thinking of 255 Richmond St E, 800 King St W, 954 King St W, and 1029 King St W, to name a few).  However, the upper level in these suites is typically open to the floor below.  Quite different than the upstairs/downstairs you’d find in a house.  In a multi-level townhouse on the other hand, there’s a greater separation of space, one that just isn’t the same in a 2-storey loft or a comparably sized one-level suite. 

Outdoor Space

While many high rise suites do have balconies, it’s hard to compete with what a typical townhouse has to offer - your own private rooftop terrace!  And it’s not just the extra square footage that makes these terraces so appealing, it’s also how the space is laid out.  A typical high rise balcony is long and narrow, whereas a townhouse terrace is more square, allowing for a full patio furniture set, a barbeque, flower pots,...  It’s also worth noting that a comparably sized terrace in a high rise is usually considered a premium feature and the price often reflects this. 

Of course, there will always be those who prefer high rise living.  Townhouses aren't for everyone.  But for those who are seeking something a bit quiter, something a bit more private, and something closer to a freehold house (without all of the maintenance), condo townhouses are an excellent alternative.

If you’re thinking of making a move and would like to know how I can help, feel free to contact me for more info.