Don't Underestimate The Importance Of Photos When Selling Real Estate

How Important Are Photos When Selling Real Estate? Photo      Take a look at the above image.  Every now and then a listing pops up on MLS where this is the one and only “photo” used to advertise the property.  What are these sellers thinking?  More importantly, what is their realtor thinking?

According to the “2008 National Association of REALTORS Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers”, 87% of all homebuyers use the Internet as an information source.  Buyers visit public sites like and agent sites, like mine (, to search listings and browse photos.  Buyers want to see photos, photos, and more photos. 

As a listing agent, a crucial part of my marketing plan involves hiring a professional photographer (some agents take good photos themselves - I don’t so I source it out) so that my clients and I have an assortment of great pics in our arsenal.  I also a have top-notch virtual tour created which we attach to the listing and upload to,,, YouTube, etc...

Quality photos play an important role in a buyer’s decision to pursue a property or not.  Online search tools can produce up to hundreds of listings for buyers to choose from and the quickest way for them to thin the herd is to throw aside anything with bad photos (or worse, no photos at all).   

Granted, interior photos of a property may not always be an option.  If the home is tenanted the sellers may be limited to using photos of the exterior or, in the case of a condo/loft, photos of the building amenities and the common elements (the gym, rooftop terrace, lobby, etc).  That’s fine.  Some photos are still better than none.  But care should always be taken to use quality images. 

Below are a few choice listing photos I found online.  Would any of these make you want to contact the listing agent for more info or visit the open house?

How Important Are Photos When Selling Real Estate? Photo

How Important Are Photos When Selling Real Estate? PhotoHow Important Are Photos When Selling Real Estate? Photo


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